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Last Updated: Oct 14, 2009

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Aug 2008 | NBDT Developer FAQs

Lets take a look at the Developer FAQs contributed by NetBeans Dream Team Members during the month of August, 2008!
Records Tumbling...
You're in for a surprise, NetBeans Dream Team contributed 13 docs, comprising of tips & Tricks, Tutorials and Developer Faqs. Phew!


This month, our program had 23 contributions, back-to-back record breaking months. Also, this was the second time, when we saw many Dream Team members contributed docs, instead of one. Also, we reached an important milestone- 200 docs!

This is the third and final part of the mini-blog series initiated some time back... This entry would feature developer faqs.

Developer FAQs

Tom Wheeler
Aug 07
What are some of the hooks in the application's lifecycle I can plug into?

Aug 07
Can I create a console or server (non-GUI) app with the NetBeans Platform?

Aug 07
Other strategies for authentication and authorization

Thank you, Tom!

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