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Monday, November 17, 2008

NBCD Weekly Newsletter #14

Spotlight of the Week

As stated earlier, there were 5 members who were considered to be significant contributors. So, lets have a look at the next significant contributor;

Siegfried Bolz
He had once got the spotlight, and was recently acknowledged as Significant Contributor to our documentation project (during NetBeans Birthday Celebrations), as he has been a long-time contributor of Tutorials!
Latest docs

Developer FAQ

Tom Wheeler
Week #14

Nov 10 | There sure are a lot of modules in the source tree. What are they for?

Tips and Tricks

Hubert A. Klein Ikkink
Week #13

Nov 04 | Debugging Cocoon 2.2 in NetBeans

Nov 05 | NetBeans with newer Subversion client

Nov 06 | Getting sources from Maven repositories

Nov 06 | Getting javadocs from Maven repositories

Week #14

Nov 12 | Context sensitive code completion in NetBeans

Nov 12 | NetBeans can suggest variable names
Luis Enrique Funes
Week #13

Nov 07 | Agregando tareas al script de ANT en un proyecto de NetBeans


John Kostaras
Week #13

Nov 03 | File upload with Spring
Aristides Villarreal Bravo
Week #13

Nov 04 | Primeros pasos con Documentos NetBeans
Kristian Rink
Week #13

Nov 06 | Schnellstart mit der NetBeans-Dokumentation
Wesley Liu
Week #13

Nov 07 | Using OpenEJB for Unit Testing with Hibernate in NetBeans IDE


Prakan Puvibunsuk
Week #13

Nov 01 | Howto create Multiform in SAF

Special News

New Contributor..
Wesley Liu is the latest contributor of the NetBeans Community Docs Program.

September and October contributions have been archived, and they are no longer visible on the main contribution list!

Where's 13th Weekly?
Read this special entry where we answer this question..

Topmost Contributor..
Hubert A. Klein Ikkink

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Varun Nischal
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