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Friday, March 21, 2008

NB Community Docs: Faster NetBeans? Yes, it is posible… :)

Here is a cool neat trick to make your NetBeans even faster! The NetBeans Community Docs contribution "Faster NetBeans? Yes, it is posible… :)" shows you how you can achieve faster NetBeans start-up by placing it in the 'tmpfs' (on Linux).

Check it out here!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

NetBeans Community Docs Spotlight: Kristian Rink

Hello all!

Its time for the NetBeans Community Docs Spotlight and this time we move to Dresden, Germany where we have Kristian Rink, who has been very active in the community with his documentation in English & German.

Here is what Kristian had to say to our Q & A:

What do you do?

I do work for a mid-sized company that acts as a "digital solution
provider" to customers in the building and construction industry (which
mainly is about centralized document management and workflow control).
As software engineer and "head-of-dev" I am into conception and
development of server-sided Java applications, but my job also involves
introducing and educating students in this field of work once in a
while. Ah yes, I'm a blogger as well (http://dm.zimmer428.net)... ;)

When did you first start using NetBeans?

For the very first time I dealt with NetBeans quite a while ago,
version 3.x or something like that I guess, while still at the
university, but didn't get to do any more meaningful things simply
because, these days, working with Java was just part of a semester
project we got finished rather quickly. When I got back to Java
development (and actually started earning money this way), I took a
crash-dive into Eclipse which I used for about five years. Switched to
NetBeans while in early 6.0 pre-releases just for the sake of checking
it out, and finally started using it exclusively as it seems to just
have increased my productivity in various ways.

What do you like best about NetBeans?

There are many things making NetBeans rather interesting (great
community, incredibly well-documented as an RCP, strong maven2 support,
always on "the very edge" of technologies in terms of Java and Java EE
versions, ...), but if I had to pick one, I'd say that NetBeans simply
is an IDE that helps getting the job done unobtrusively and without
getting into your way. Just fire it up and get work done, that's what a
good tool should be like.

Thank you Kristian for your work. Happy NetBeaning!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Creating SOAP Web Services with NetBeans 6

In this doc titled Creating Web Services with NetBeans 6, the author, Siegfried Bolz demonstrates how easy it is to create Web-Services with NetBeans 6!

Go ahead and check it out!

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See you!