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Last Updated: Oct 14, 2009

Monday, July 28, 2008

NetBeans Community Docs Spotlight- Aristides Villarreal Bravo


We're back, yes! Its time to throw spotlight on a special contributor, who has really set an example for others, and has been doing great, by translating tutorials into Spanish for Spanish users! He's also the founding member of NetBeans Dream Team. He's Aristides Villarreal
l Bravo, the Spanish hero, though he lives in Panama!Lets have a look at his recent contributions at Community Docs-
These are really good, apart from three more contributions he did last year! So, its time to ask him those questions, have a look at his answers-

What do you do?
Java Programmer, Teacher, Manager of NetBeans Translation into Spanish, President of PanamaJUG(Java user groups of Panama).

When did you first start using NetBeans?

Start using NetBeans 3.6, for creating a desktop application with databases, using swing. Previously used simple editors.

What do you like best about NetBeans?

1. Support of Visual Web.
2. NetBeans Platform.
3. The Editor is very good.
4. Matisse
5. The Community is great.

Thank you, so much!

Friday, July 25, 2008

I am feeling lucky!

With a co-ordinator like Varun and some awesome contributors, I am feeling lucky to be a part of the NetBeans Community Docs!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Update | Contributor becomes CA

Hello all,

As we all know, Amit K. Saha was employed by Sun Microsystems, recently. Here comes another news about a contributor- Jay Mahadeokar, he's now in contract with Sun, and would take up his new role in his campus, as Sun Campus Ambassador.


Lets wish him luck, and as always encourage him to continue to contribute to this community. I hope he might bring a revolution to this community, with lots of new people from campus contributing either docs, or whatever they would like to!

Best Wishes!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Another Milestone | 175 Docs- Accomplished!


Yesterday night, we got 2 contributions (Spanish) by Diego E. Siva L., cool :D Still,
10 days to go (end of July), I am sure we are headed for another milestone, as we cross another- yes, we wrote 175 docs. Awesome guys within few months we have come a long way. Its your community after all, come, innovate and take us to 200 and beyond within next few weeks ;)

Feel free to take part in these projects-


By the way, NetBeans Spotlight coming soon...Happy NetBeaning :-)

Docs La Liga


Spain is here again- Diego E. Silva L. has contributed 2 tutorials in Spanish for us. Have a look-
  1. Fragmentos con Visual JSF
  2. Programación Orientada a Aspectos (AOP) con Spring 2.5 y NetBeans 6.1 (Parte 1)
Thanks, Diego and others for contributing in Spanish!

Also, have a look at these contributions-
Hubert A Klein Ikkink is back with another quick tip- Quicksearch in Treeviews in NetBeans

Lets welcome Slim Oeurtani, as he contributed for the first time over Community Docs-
Debugging Spring OSGi with NetBeans IDE

Stay Tuned for more...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

NetBeans Zone | Community Docs Rocks Dzone!


This week, James submitted an article at NetBeans Zone! Yea, we rocked the Dzone...With the power of 170 docs, numerous contributors and a gang of super humans...Well, the gang comprises of James, Amit and myself

Just kidding, actually the real super heroes are the one's who share their knowledge, expertise of using NetBeans with the whole community! Just continue to do, what you are best at, and things would automatically fall in right place, at the right time!

Thanks for contributing...

Monday, July 14, 2008

Community Docs get Spanish Fever!


I must admit, last one month is really been a great time for Spanish people. They won Euro 2008, French Open, Wimbledon...Now, its our own contributors, yes!

Aristides Villarreal Bravo, has again done a contribution for us, this time focus on Mercurial, and what a quality of snap's! They are really attractive, and if I guessed it right, he might be using Hardy Heron (Ubuntu-distro).

Have a look,
Tutorial de Mercurial
This month, we are slowly and steadily moving ahead, 5 contributions already done so far! Hey, you can have a documentation in your language, just write translated document of any existing documentation (exists in other language), OR write a new one, and write a comment over here, pointing to the wiki! You may contact us through our mailing list alias, as well...

Saturday, July 12, 2008


We had started the EclipseToNetBeans project last year because we wanted to show Eclipse folks that the transition could be smooth- that the curve won't be steep.

The Eclipse project importer plugin has been enhanced (http://blogs.sun.com/amitsaha/entry/enhanced_eclipse_project_importer_plugin) and boasts of features such as:
  • Synchronization of changes after the import. NetBeans project created as a result of import keeps a reference to its Eclipse source. Any relevant change in Eclipse project (at the moment only classpath is monitored) is automatically propagated to NetBeans project during project opening or can be explicitly requested via project's popup menu (Synchronize With Eclipse). In future this may be extended to propagate changes done in NetBeans back to Eclipse
  • Eclipse Dynamic Web project can be imported now
  • Eclipse user defined libraries are imported to NetBeans library catalogue
  • Eclipse user defined variables are setup in NetBeans
  • Test source roots are detected
  • Compiler options are imported
  • JDK configuration is imported
  • and lot of bugfixes
So, this is good news for us- as we have more scenarios to cover and thus more docs to write.

We also need people to update the existing documents with Eclipse Ganymede and NetBeans 6.5.

Drop me a word.

Visit the project here at: http://wiki.netbeans.org/EclipseToNetBeans

Migrating Docs!

Hi all,

We have been planning for a sub-docs project for the past few days, and after the success of EclipseToNetBeans, its time to help our own community to migrate from older IDE's to present one...

I came across a Dzone article recently, where someone has shared his experience of migrating a 5.5.1 Java Application TO 6.1 IDE! He had some issues, within the positioning of the components, etc.

So, it would really good, if we could think on those lines and help such users to migrate from older IDE's to current IDE's, as NB IDE is the fastest developing IDE, so to keep pace with it, we also have to strive forward.

NetBeans Community Docs
(main project)

We were thinking of helping platform developers to migrate from the older to current version. We would like to have your suggestions, whether its fine to go with Platform OR should we consider more domains?


This doesn't mean that we have stopped the other migration project, its still running and willing to get more contributions. So, what are you waiting for?

Come, join us and revolutionize!!!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Últimas Contribuciones


No need to be, its meant for Spanish NetBeans Users! ;-) I am just joking, actually in English, we say Latest Contributions! Yes, time has come again to update you about the latest from the Community Docs Program.

Lets give a warm welcome to NetBeans Dream Team member -
Aristides Villarreal Bravo, for contributing Spanish version of an already existing platform tutorial, written in English, based on Visual Library API!
Tutorial de NetBeans Visual Library en Español
Also, there have been some more contributions over the past few days, post FY(07-08
)! You may have a look at them, and as always you are the ultimate judges, so use the tutorials, tips and Tricks, FAQs and comment/suggest what ever you feel like?

Happy NetBeaning!