This is the project blog of Multilingual NetBeans Community Docs Program- a community documentation project which has grown in leaps-and-bounds since it was launched in March, 2007. We have had high quality contributions and more enthusiastic community members.

We have stopped publishing weekly newsletters, however we started off publishing monthly one's instead. Scroll down for latest posts on this blog!

Last Updated: Oct 14, 2009

Friday, October 10, 2008

Latest Updates

Updated on Dec 30, 2008
With the release of 20th edition,
the series of weekly newsletters comes to end..

NBCD Weekly Newsletters
Monday, 18th August- The day, we launched a unique blog series of newsletters, featuring content concerned with the happenings within the NetBeans Community Docs Program.
  • Spotlight of the Week
  • Latest Docs
    • Contributions within that week
  • Special News
  • and few more...

Early October 2008,
It got started in English, however Kristian Rink, NBCD Evangelist, also the NetBeans Dream Team Member posted first ever German translation of our weekly newsletters.

During NetBeans B'day Bash,
Aristides Villarreal Bravo, NBCD Evangelist, one of the founding members and still a member of the NetBeans Dream Team, posted first ever Spanish translation of our weekly newsletters.
Figure: Look on the right-panel of this blog for the above widget and then,
click on "/Weekly" for English feeds, and "German", "Spanish" for Translated feeds..

Email Subscriptions..
You can subscribe these feeds through email as well, for English (en_US) and for German (de_DE) or Spanish (es_ES). Those who have already subscribed, should consider staying with subscription for sometime and wait for further announcements.
Its Not Over Yet..
We would be releasing Monthly Newsletters from January 2009 onwards. Read the complete story in the latest edition of weekly newsletter. Necessary details would be posted on the blog, twitter and mailing list.

Happy NetBeaning!


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