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Last Updated: Oct 14, 2009

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Aug 2008 | NBDT tips and Tricks

Lets take a look at the contributions done by NetBeans Dream Team Members during the month of August, 2008!

When was the last time they contributed?
A month back, in July, 2008 by Aristides Villarreal Bravo, Kristian Rink and Wade Chandler.

Records Tumbling...

You're in for a surprise, NetBeans Dream Team contributed 13 docs, comprising of tips & Tricks, Tutorials and Developer Faqs. Phew!

This month, our program had 23 contributions, back-to-back record breaking months. Also, this was the second time, when we saw many Dream Team members contributed docs, instead of one. Also, we reached an important milestone- 200 docs!

So, I am dividing this particular blog entry into three parts, as every category has good number of contributions and its worth giving each category and respective authors acknowledgement separately. This entry would cover tips and Tricks.

Tips and Tricks

Varun Nischal
Aug 03
Add/Remove Sort Key from TableDataProvider Woodstock Components
Alex Kotchnev
Aug 06
Freeform Project JUnit Test Results
Tonny Kohar
Aug 19
Netbeans Platform Standalone Module Branding tips

Aug 19

Netbeans Platform Localization as Plugins

Thank you, Alex and Tonny!

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