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Friday, September 26, 2008

July 2008 | NetBeans Dream Team

After going through docs last year, lets have a look what all the highly skilled NetBeans users have done this year :)

We are going to see contributions done by NetBeans Dream Team Members during the month of July, 2008!

When was the last time they contributed?
Long time back, in September 2007 by Wade Chandler. Surprising, well they were getting ready for the major role they played this year, NetBeans Innovator Grants! Ofcourse, you will find them anyhow on the mailing lists.

Comeback Month

Aristides Villarreal Bravo made a comeback, and he was back with a bang! Kristian Rink has been contributing since last year, and he was back as a new NetBeans Dream Team Member. Also, Wade Chandler made a comeback too!

This month, our program had 21 contributions, record breaking month. Also, this was the first time, when we saw many Dream Team members contributed docs, instead of one.

Tips and Tricks

Wade Chandler
July 22

Easily Create JavaBean Properties using Code Templates
Kristian Rink
July 30

Auto-build maven2 projects in the correct order


Aristides Villarreal Bravo
Jul 03

Tutorial de NetBeans Visual Library en Español

Jul 13

Tutorial de Mercurial

Jul 26

Usando API de persistencia Java con una aplicación Visual Web Pack

Thank you, Aristides, Kristian and Wade!

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