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Monday, September 15, 2008

NBCD Weekly Newsletter #5

Spotlight of the Week

Yet again, we didn't have anyone to give spotlight to, if you feel you're the one that should get spotlight. Then, do join us, contribute and who knows your contributions could give you spotlight too!

Have a look at people who got spotlight on this blog-

Latest docs


Aristides Villarreal Bravo
Sep 10 | Integración de tipos de archivos

Sep 09 | Inicio rápido de Plugins con NetBeans

Prakan Puvibunsuk
Sep 09 | J2ME Starter Guide using NetBeans (Flash Demo)

Developer FAQ's

Tom Wheeler
Sep 08 | How can I suppress the Unexpected Exception dialog?

Sep 08 | How can I register services into the lookup using the system filesystem?

Sep 08 | How can code in one module be notified when other modules are loaded or unloaded?

Sep 08 | I've got a class not found error/exception. How can I fix it?

Special News

Code For Freedom...
Jay Mahadeokar, Sun Campus Ambassador recently blogged about this popular contest, which attracted many people inclusive of Amit Kumar Saha and Varun Nischal, last year. Is it coming back or not? Find out on Jay's blog!

NetBeans Platform Teaching Resources...

Several NetBeans Dream Team members and community members have done various presentations, on NetBeans Platform. They are available in form of ODP, PPT, PDF formats, at newly introduced webpage on the above.

Do you have slides of your own that could be added to the list above? Please also write to the nbedu mailing list with your slides and other resources in an attachment. Slides in other languages are especially welcome!

Plugin Development Worksop...
During Sun CA Induction Program from 05-07 Sept, 2008! Varun Nischal, conducted a workshop on Introduction to NetBeans Plugin Development at Amity University, Noida in India. For slides of this presentation-cum-workshop, visit the above links for more information.

Topmost contributor...
Tom Wheeler

Blog da docs

This section features the blog entries of the docs contributed by the topmost contributor featured, in the 2nd edition of the weekly.

Tonny Kohar
01 | NetBeans Platform Localization as Plugins

02 | Standalone Module Branding Tips

Dream Team Docs
July 2007
Aristides Villarreal Bravo was the only Dream Team Member to contribute docs in the month of July, and all his contributions were translations in Spanish.

This edition was brought to you by;
Varun Nischal

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Amit Kumar Saha said...

Code for Freedom is here: http://blogs.sun.com/amitsaha/entry/code_for_freedom_2008