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Last Updated: Oct 14, 2009

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Netbeans Platform Localization as Plugins

Hello all,

We are back to recognize contributions of our dearest community members, esp. the topmost contributor every week.

Its been quite some time, and we missed blogging about Tonny Kohar, Topmost Contributor featured in 2nd edition of weekly newsletter. He had contributed 2 docs during the week- August 18-24, 2008.

Here, we will showcase his first documentation, as this has been adapted from his blog entry.
This is another series of Netbeans Platform i18n and localization trick. This methods is used to localize Netbeans Platform based Application which can be updated using Update Center. It also have an entry on the Plugins List. However, please note this may be somekind of HACK. The proper localization should be following Netbeans Localization Project.

Thats the header for the contribution he did, and here's the snapshot of Plugin Manager.

Fig 1. This is tested on Netbeans 6.1, and use Alkitab Bible Study as example.

He has written this under category "Tips and Tricks", and we are glad to have him share his expertise, in 3 steps! Visit his documentation for more details...

Note- Click on the image, to visit his documentation

Stay Tuned for more...Thanks, Tonny!

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