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Monday, September 22, 2008

NBCD Weekly Newsletter #6

Spotlight of the Week

Yet again, we didn't have anyone to give spotlight to, if you feel you're the one that should get spotlight. Then, do join us, contribute and who knows your contributions could give you spotlight too!

Have a look at people who got spotlight on this blog-

Latest docs

Many bloggers were invited and are in progress of writing it, they would soon be out with their documentations. Also, nobody contributed last week... So, please do join us and contribute!

Special News

Code For Freedom...
Contest that changed lives of so many Indian students, finally arrives...Here's Amit Kumar Saha announcing on his blog!

Software Freedom Day..

So many people around the world celebrated the birthday of Free and Open Source Software, did you write any tutorial, tips & tricks, faq's, screencasts? Do let us know!

NetBeans Podcast Episode #46..
James Branam, NetBeans Community Docs Manager was recently interviewed by Llyod for NetBeans Podcast!

Interesting Article at Dzone..
Varun Nischal recently wrote an article for NetBeans Zone, which had an interesting title, "Implementing Dynamic Binding in a Different Way.."

Blog da docs

This section features the blog entries of the docs contributed by the topmost contributors featured, in the 3rd edition of the weekly.

Aristides Villarreal Bravo
01 | Administrando Freehg desde NetBeans

Diego E. Silva L.
02 | Para qué usar EJB

Dream Team Docs
Sep 2007
Wade Chandler was the only Dream Team Member to contribute docs in the month of September, and he contributed a Tips and Tricks!

This edition was brought to you by;
Varun Nischal

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