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Last Updated: Oct 14, 2009

Monday, October 6, 2008



Actually, you should be, as I am going to share something unique with you guys. So, why did I wrote "Heroes" as the title of this post?







Let me tell you, I am not talking about the famous TV series- "HEROES", ok..

I am talking about our "HEROES", the contributors to this documentation project- NetBeans Community Docs!

NetBeans Community Docs Heroes
I believe that, "People who spend time in saving others time", should be considered as heroes. I am really not aware how the world defines a Hero? There would be various ways to define a hero.

However, for our documentation project, we couldn't think beyond contributors as our heroes. They do spend a lot of time exploring NetBeans IDE inside-out, and from this experience, they tend to share a lot of information with a community of users (distributed around the world), in the form of documentation, which would really help the users save a lot of time!

Today, we want to acknowledge all of them, we have created a document enlisting all the contributors of our project, firstly classified on the basis of years, and then months- in which they joined us.



sinewalker said...


I think "heros" is probably a bit over the top. Certainly if I were to mention to someone that I'm a NetBeans Community Docs Hero I'd probably come over as pretentious!

I think what you may be striving for is to fit community doc's contributors into the continuum of NBCD user social patterns.

If we compare what is going on in NBCD against F. Randal Farmer's categorisation of the Habitat user community of the 1980's, we get something like this:


passives->actives->motivators->caretakers->Geek Gods

readers->contributors->"heros"->"Dream Team"->NB hackers

As with Habitat, the goal is to promote people up the chain. There could be some value in making this chain of evolution explicit rather than implicit.

Maybe we could come up with some less pretentious words, but certainly having a badge to wear is a key motivator to contributors.

Amit Kumar Saha said...

"There is a hero in each of us"- Spider-Man

Anonymous said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.

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