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Last Updated: Oct 14, 2009

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What's your Wish?


Yesterday, some one made a wish for a possible documentation, have a look at our Wish List. Wish list, what is it?

Well, if you remember James interview where he was asked, "
Which is preferred: pitched tutorials or topics selected from the Wish List?"
He repiled by saying,
If a tutorial is on the Wish List, it was put there because a community member needed help with a certain task that the tutorial would address. So the Wish List matters. On the other hand, pitched tutorials are just as important in that they bring new ideas to the Community Docs program. It's like a community member saying: “Hey, look what you can do with NetBeans!”
We have seen some wishes getting fulfilled, by our dearest contributors. Here's a list of some of them;
  1. Accessing MS Access/MSSQL from NetBeans
  2. Using Facelets with NetBeans
  3. Using the Tapestry Framework With NetBeans
  4. Developing Spring Framework Applications using NetBeans
  5. Checking out from CVS and doing headless builds
These were few examples, you can have a look at the Wish List and if you think, you are the one who could fulfill another wish, OR even if you a wish of your own, then contact us and get started.


Dyego Souza Dantas Leal said...

I wish the facelets plugin update for 6.1 from the Sun, and FACELETS API update too :(
11 months with untouced code :(

N vArUn said...

Hi Dyego,

I guess you are talking with respect to this wiki .

If that's so, we will surely look into it and get it done.

Please reply back for clarifications.


Dyego Souza Dantas Leal said...

i'm talking about the facelets support... the nbfacelets are not updated for months...

The Facelets API have serius bug's and have code untuched a 11 months...

and specially i'm talnking about bug #132662 of NetBeans 6.1...

This bug make NetBeans 6.1 UNUSABLE ofr many programmers...( and 6.1 is BIG improvement of NetBeans)

I'm a NetBeans evangalist... but is hard to believe in bad quality of 6.1...

If you have a contact with Sun... please make a magic to solve the problems !!!

N vArUn said...

Hi Dyego,

Well, I can understand your problem. However, I saw the nbfaceletssupport project today - https://nbfaceletssupport.dev.java.net/

Check out the Latest News section. I think you might be aware of that, I read some of the comments on bug report.

I guess you should take up this issue on nbdev@netbeans.org/dev@openide.netbeans.org mailing list.

That might help.


Vaibhav said...

MS Access from NB :) cool !

N vArUn said...

Hi Dyego,

Have a look - http://blogs.sun.com/geertjan/entry/news_from_nbrichfacessuport_dev_java

Hope this helps.