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Last Updated: Oct 14, 2009

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Revolutionizing Community Docs!


Hey, this isn't any alarm! But, time to update you and keep you abreast with latest advancements in Community Docs... :-)

Have problem following us, don't want to join our mailing list and want to the know the latest in the easiest way possible. Hey, wake up! Web 2.0 revolution continues, now its the turn of Community Docs...


Check out the new widgets we have on our left panel of this blog, we got twitter badge, you can view our profile and start following too. Also, there's a list of
category-specific RSS chicklets, thanks to Feedburner, now you can digg into, stumble upon OR even favorite on technorati, the latest contributions, spotlights and much more.

The Twitter account, is being fed by twitterfeed, and would tweet as follows;
  1. Latest comments on our blog, pre-fixed with "comments- ",
  2. Latest announcements being made over here, pre-fixed with "news- ",
  3. Latest contributions, we blog about, pre-fixed with "docs- ",
  4. NetBeans Spotlight, given to deserving contributors, pre-fixed with "spotlight- "
  5. Finally, latest blog entries we found and were contributed into docs, pre-fixed with "tagged- ".
Thanks to twitterfeed, for making this possible. Great web-service, that lets you automate tweets from any kind of RSS feeds, be it our category-specific blogs, our delicious bookmarks, etc.

Why are we doing this?

I guess you might have understood the importance of our program, why documentation is the backbone of any project, whether open source OR not! It still plays a key role, documentation could be a blog entry, an article, a tutorial, a hack OR some design documents. However, we are only interested in having articles, tutorials, screencasts, blogs and tips&tricks.

Welcome :)

Finally, here's our website - http://wiki.netbeans.org/CommunityDocs and this is our blog! Come, join us and revolutionize, "The Only IDE You Need!"


Aditya Sharma said...

the twitter widget is absent :)

Varun said...


I had mentioned badge, and I'm showing that only, below Technorati Authority!

Cheers :-)

Aditya Sharma said...

okay! you can also use one of the flash based badges, they are a little better IMHO

Varun said...

True, yet they won't allow you to jump to individual statuses, as its now!

Anyways, how about contributing a doc? Any ideas?

Varun said...


We are back with Twitter Flash Widget!


Anonymous said...


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