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Last Updated: Oct 14, 2009

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Wanna play? Play with XML Layer!


Time to notify you about the latest contributions! Yes, its been a month, where contributions came out-of-the-blue...Seriously, its been a tough time, getting contributions, convincing bloggers, and much more!

However, we still manage to get 14 docs for this month. Still 2 days to go, some more docs coming up! Majority of them being, tips and Tricks. Also, we got a series of docs, based on "optional configuration file" used in NetBeans Module Development- XML Layer! One of them getting reposted from NetBeans Zone! There were numerous tutorials, tips and Tricks, How To's summing up into Eight docs
in totality.

If you are interested, then come, join us and contribute! Its really easy, if you learn a trick, while working with NetBeans on any kind of project OR you have some tips to remember...Hey, maybe you want to write a tutorial to help community achieve something in few steps!

What are you waiting for? Just drop a mail to me, about your idea- nvarun AT NetBeans DOT org We would be glad to have your idea turn into a neat documentation for community :-)

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