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Friday, June 6, 2008

NetBeans Community Docs Spotight - Kunal Modi

Its time for yet another Spotlight, this time we head to India, Asia. He has been contributing since January, 2008 and has done some fabulous contributions, mainly tutorials. He's Kunal Modi, he lives in Mumbai, India. His contributions relate to NetBeans API's, which could be helpful while doing plugin development. Lets see what he has contributed till date;
  1. Simulating the 'soutv' code template for Java Editor
  2. Open Projects Programatically in NetBeans
  3. Basic Understanding Of The NetBeans Nodes API
  4. MyPicture Module for Windows Explorer
He was also declared as the NetBeans Community Significant Contributor during Code For Freedom Contest. Now, its time for another rapid fire round;

What do you do?
I am a Computer Science student from Fr.Conceicao Rodrigues College of Engineering, Mumbai University,India and will be completing my graduation this month. I love coding and like to stay in touch with latest developments in technology. My interests lie in web development and plugin development for NetBeans.
When did you first start using NetBeans?
NetBeans was introduced to me in early 2007 by my mentor Prof.Rajesh Patkar. It was then when I got familiarize and interested in Java. I should admit that it was NetBeans which instilled the passion for Java Coding in me. 'Code for Freedom' organized by Sun Microsystems, India was a great incentive to work with NetBeans. And in the long run, NetBeans has evolved tremendously.
What do you like best about NetBeans?
I would like to answer this question as -
  • NetBeans - The IDE

    1. It provides you an insight into the vastness and the richness of Java Technology while providing the support for development using Java and other programming languages.
    2. I like the extensibility architecture of NetBeans the most. The way the modules gel with each other amazes me. The module development support helps you plug your custom feature with ease.
    3. The API documentation for the same are a great support.

  • NetBeans - The Community

    1. Its such an active and a vibrant community that your queries/doubts definitely get answered, discussed and solved.
    2. It may be the mailing lists, the blogs, the wiki, the Community Docs or the excellent tutorials, the answer is always there. This has proved a great forte for NetBeans.
    3. This has imbibed into me the qualities of self learning, exploring, sharing and inspired me to contribute back. I owe you NetBeans :)

He will be immigrating to New York, US in a month's time! Lets wish him good luck for his future endeavours and encourage him to continue contributing.

Thank you Kunal for great contributions! Hope you continue to contribute from New York too!

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