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Last Updated: Oct 14, 2009

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hello, again!

Hi everybody,

I have been off this blog for a while. Why? Well, I have finished with my graduation, started off with my first job at Sun Microsystems, India and I am no more the NetBeans Community Docs co-ordinator :-(. James, What did I do wrong? Was getting a job in Sun a sin that I committed? Wasn't I doing well? Wasn't i competent enough? (The announcement)

Just kidding :-)

We, at the NetBeans Community Docs function in a way such that the co-ordinator is always a person who is a 'non-Sun' guy. Since I became a Sun-guy, I had to 'resign'. The next task for us- myself & James was to choose some one to fill in my shoes- which I learnt, were pretty BIG. So we found Varun who has the right feet to fill the BIG shoes :-). And I am glad, we chose him. He is doing great.

Oh, I have a new role- I am now the NetBeans Community Docs Content Manager

You can see me blogging here as well as my personal blog here at http://blogs.sun.com/amitsaha

Thank you all for keeping this program up and running.

Good Luck Varun.


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