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Last Updated: Oct 14, 2009

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

NetBeans Community Docs Spotlight: Prakan Puvibunsuk

Hello everyone,

Its time to give Spotlight to another contributor, who has been contributing screen-casts since March, 2008! I am talking about Prakan Puvibunsuk, he lives in Bangkok, Thailand. His passion for NetBeans is reflected in his contributions, which are as follows -
  1. Login Form using Swing Application Framework
  2. iReport and Swing Application Framework
  3. Embedded Derby and Bean Binding with NetBeans 6
Lets have a look at his answers -

What do you do?
I am a freelance programmer, consultant and instructor.

When did you first start using NetBeans?
It was 2 years ago, my friend asked me to write a software.
At that time my favorite programming was pascal (delphi) and
C++ (C++ Builder) but I decided to use NetBeans because it's free,
cross platform and ease of use.

What do you like best about NetBeans?
Some says NetBeans is slow and inefficient, but I don't think so.
Now NetBeans is getting faster and rich features.
Most of all NetBeans is free, ease of use and there are many
strong communities out there that can support users.

There is a rise in contributions from Asia! What are you waiting for? Just visit Community Docs website and get started...

Thanks for contributing Prakan, we hope to see more quality demo's from you!

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