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Last Updated: Oct 14, 2009

Thursday, August 7, 2008

4 Docs to go...Where are you?


We are just 4 blogs away from a well-deserved repository of 200 docs. Only repos, which can't be checkout/commit. The only way to do it is using Wiki format- NetBeans Wiki.

Diego, just a day before he got spotlight, and he's still hungry for more...That's why I used the word sensation...which has now transformed into sensational ;) He has contributed 3 more docs in Spanish today...UNBELIEVABLE

Where are you contributors, only 4 to go, and looks like Diego will be the ONE we are looking for...By the way, lots of announcements to be made, so book your weekend, rather Monday. As it looks like, Milestone 2 release might clash with our major accomplishment...

C'mon, do it before Diego does it...
Happy NetBeaning!


Diego Silva said...

I'm sorry. I was not the ONE, but Arístides yes!! spanish language rules!!
so, And I am the 201! :))

Varun said...


Its OK, both of you are doing great work for Spanish users.

Hats off..

By the way, thanks for contribution #201, and hopefully more would follow soon.