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Last Updated: Oct 14, 2009

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

NetBeans Community Docs Survey

NetBeans Community Docs Survey

Today we (=the NetBeans Community Docs team) would like
to kindly ask you for input on our current and future doings:

Started in March 2007, the NetBeans Community Docs project has gone a long
way collecting and sorting pieces of documentation provided to the NetBeans
community solely by voluntary contributors from all around the globe. All
users involved into this process have done a great putting time and effort
into that project, and as a result, the impressive landmark of 300 user
contributed pieces of documentation has been reached in Februrary 2009.

However, sometimes things have to change, and so, by now we also want to
make some changes to the way NetBeans Community Docs project works. And for
that, being a 'community project' and thus not just maintained by the
community but also, in the content it collects, mainly aiming at providing
help and support to the community, we would like to know what the community
wants and needs before going any further. In near future, we want to make
NBCD more than ever an actively maintained, vivid 'community driven
knowledge base' directly addressing our users needs, adding our part to
helping people get the most out of NetBeans IDE.

For that, we would like to read your opinion. What do you like about NBCD so
far? What bothers you in using it in your everyday work? What kind of
content do you enjoy reading and using, and what would you like to see
improved as the project moves on? Take our survey now, take a chance to
tell us, to make 'the future NBCD' even more the community driven knowledge
base you would like to use and see.

Thanks very much for your time!


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